Frequently Asked Questions


Bringing together Jeep-minded people for fun, adventure and giving back to our beach community.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a ticket to get in?
Yes! You will receive a sticker for your windshield that needs to be attached and visible to get in/out of the main event area. You will also receive up to four (4) wristbands for the driver and passengers. You need to have it on at all times when participating in OBX Jeep Invasion events & activities.

Do I need to register in advance?
Advance registration is encouraged, but not required. You can register on-site. Registration is $65.00 per Jeep (including up to four (4) passengers). Please note, you may not receive a “swag bag” if you don’t register in advance – quantities are limited and available while supplies last.

What if I have more than four (4) people with me?
You can purchase additional wristbands for entry to the event site for $5.00.

Do I have to have a Jeep to attend the OBX Jeep Invasion?
No! Thinking about buying a Jeep, looking for gifts for the Jeep lover in your life? Just want to be part of the fun (vendors, food, bands, etc.)?

Can I come and go or do I have to stay once I am in?
Your wristband is your access – you can come and go within the event hours. Please leave it on for the duration of the event, lost, damaged or misplaced wristbands can only be replaced for a $5.00 charge.

What happens if I lose or damage my wristband?
Lost, damaged or misplaced wristbands can only be replaced for a $5.00 charge.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, you can pay for your registration with a credit/debit card. Most vendors and food trucks will accept cards, however, you will need cash to purchase raffle, 50/50 or Show-and-Shine People’s Choice tickets. There is not an ATM at the Sound Side Event Site.


Where do I park?
Your registration entitles you to park in the main lawn area of the event site. You will need to attach the sticker to your windshield in a visible location. You will be directed by our volunteers on where to park. Please follow their directions. Parking is at your own risk. If you are participating in the Show-and-Shine on Saturday, you will be directed to park in a designated area.

Can I put up a tent or canopy and bring chairs?
Yes! Set up your space – chairs, tables, canopy – all are allowed. Spikes or other items that penetrate the grass/turf are not permitted to secure umbrellas, tents or canopies.

Can I tailgate at the Sound Side Event Site:
You can “tailgate”, however, no alcohol! Sorry, but alcohol is not permitted on the event site. We ask that you don’t bring outside food or beverages to the event site. Support our food vendors! Also, please visit our sponsoring bars and restaurants outside of the event hours to show your support!

Can I bring my dog (or other pets)? 
Dogs need to be on a leash and in your control at all times. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog and properly disposing of all waste. Other pets need to be harnessed, leashed, or tethered while on the property. Please clean up after your pets.

Can I leave my Jeep at the Sound Side Event Sight overnight?
Sure, there will be security patrolling Friday – Saturday, however, you will want to lock-up if you leave anything behind. We are not liable for any damage or theft from your Jeep or other items left behind.


Do I need to be present to win any prizes?
Yes! You must be present to claim your prize. We will be doing raffles at the end of each day. We will not be calling numbers during any off-site events.

How will I be notified of any changes or event announcements?
Email – we will send a blast email to anyone who pre-registered. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and on the Live365 Radio OBX Jeep Invasion Radio – Free Internet Radio – Live365 or download the app!

What if there is bad weather?
The OBX Jeep Invasion is a rain or shine event. In the event of severe weather, announcements will be made and provide information on changes or cancellations.

If any or all of the event activities are cancelled, can I get a refund?
No, registration fees are non-refundable. All net proceeds benefit the 501c3 non-profit organization and are used to support local charities.

Does anyone with the OBX Jeep Invasion get paid?
No! Everyone involved – Jeepers, family, friends – is a volunteer and does not take a single cent for their time or the work they do to support the charity. Your registration fee, money for raffle tickets, 50/50, etc. goes directly to our charities. We do have expenses; however, we try to get as much donated as possible to keep our overhead low.


Be Courteous: 
Please be courteous to other attendees, vendors, food truck workers, volunteers and security personnel. We reserve the right to remove anyone from the property, without refund, if their behavior is deemed offensive, poses a hazard to others, or violates any rules or regulations. Anyone that does not adhere to OBX Jeep Invasion or Sound Side Event Site rules and policies is punishable up to and including permanent revocation from the event.

We reserve the right to add or change rules without notice. Prohibited Items: Weapons, firearms, alcohol, ground fires, open fires, drones, fireworks, sky lanterns, sky candles.

Prohibited Vehicles: 
Unauthorized golf carts, ATVs, scooters, UTVs, ROVs, and motorbikes, except for authorized personnel.

Loose Trash: 
Please use the trash cans located throughout the site to dispose of your trash.

We reserve the right to make changes to the event, including but not limited to pricing, agenda, capacity without notice.
We reserve the right to refuse access without refund for any reason during the event.
Children are those aged 17 and under.
This is a fundraising event so tickets and add-ons will not be refunded once purchased.
This is a fundraising event so tickets and add-ons will not be refunded for cancellation for any reason outside of OBX Jeep Invasions control.
Tickets and purchases are not transferable.

Photo Credits: Nicholas Seitler, Chris Rock, Connor Rock